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Since his home village is to make way for a lignite opencast mine, Ben (12) and his family have to move to the next larger city. In the new school he is the outsider at first. And things don't go as hoped for the talented striker at the new football club either. To make matters worse, there is another newcomer at the school: Tariq (11), a refugee from Syria, who not only steals the show in class but also scores points on the soccer field. Will Ben remain sidelined - or does his competitor have more in common with him than he thinks?

CINEMA |  85 mins | 2018/19

Theatrical release:

March 12, 2020

Director: Sarah Winkenstette

Director of Photography: Monika Plura

Screenplay: Susanne Finken

Production: Weydeman Bros.

Distributor: Farbfilm Verleih

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-13 um 16.34.11.png


DIRECTOR: Sarah Winkenstette

CAMERA: Monika Plura

SCREENPLAY: Susanne Finken

EDITING: Nicole Kortlüke

CASTING: Susanne Ritter,

Phillis Dayanir, Johanna Hellwig

COSTUME: Birgit Loth

MASK: Daniela Brinkmann

ART DEPARTMENT: Susanna Haneder

LIGHT: Stefan Hiegemann

TON: Jonathan Schorr

MUSIC: Leonard Petersen


BEN: Yoran corpse

TARIQ: Sobhi Awad

ISA: Julia Hirt

NANE: Anna Koenig

SVEN: Andreas Nickl

MRS. PAWLETTA: Anna Böttcher


MRS LOER: Julia Schmitt

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