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Bikers of Suburbia

Viktor (Fabian Busch) has lost his job as a journalist for an investigative magazine and now keeps house in a Hamburg suburb. His wife Alex (Lisa Wagner) brings in the money. One day, a „Herr Neumann“ moves in next door. Viktor discovers that his new neighbour is in fact a biker called Rolf Olsen (Aljoscha Stadelmann) who has had to go into hiding. Viktor smells a scoop. To get some proof, he joins Rolf on a nighttime bike ride, risking his own marriage and at the same time bringing Rolf’s presence to the attention of the local biker gang. Soon, the underworld comes to suburbia. Buddy comedy.

After a very successful premiere on October 10th, 2015 at the Hamburg Film Festival, "Vorstadtrocker" then ran in selected cinemas and at several festivals. 

Beaver for Best TV Movie

"Vorstadtrocker" was awarded as "Best TV Film" at the Biberarch Film Festival.  From the jury's reasoning:  “The German television film is breaking out – more courageously, more emotionally, more politically and less comfortably. We have chosen a very unusual film. We were won over by the wild humor. The anarchic power of this little debut film is sensational.”

TV - FEATURE FILM | ZDF | 90 mins


Director: Martina Plura

Screenplay: Paul Florian Müller,

Paul Salisbury

Director of Photoraphy:

Monika Plura

Steadicam: Tobias Meik

Music: Gemma Ray

Production: Weydeman Bros.  

Cast: Fabian Busch, Aljoscha Stadelmann, Lisa Wagner, Matthias Bundschuh, Lotta Doll, Nils Schulz, David Scheller, Tom Silksi, Lena Dörrie

Film stills

Behind the scenes

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