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Everything Tschaka with Alpaka

In cinemas from August 18, 2022

Lotta (Meggy Hussong) is going on her first school trip! Just in time for this excursion, her emotional world is also completely upside down. Because their class has grown: Rémi (Timothy Scannell) from France is new in their class and Cheyenne (Yola Streese) and Paul (Levi Kazmaier) want to include him in their circle of friends right away. Lotta doesn't feel like him at all! Why? Rémi has such a crush on her that he sticks to her like a burr. Frau Kackert ( Sarah Hostettler)  even plans to separate the defiant 6b. Meanwhile, Lotta's father spontaneously stepped in as supervisor for the class trip and dared to flirt with strangers. But that's just one problem among many. Finally, Cheyenne's sister Chanell (Cara Vondey) suddenly disappeared without a trace. Could it be that her disappearance is related to the old legend of a poltergeist girl? Lotta and her friends must overcome themselves and form an alliance with their worst enemies in order to find Chanell again. This time everything is at stake for the young girl: her friendships, her class and her entire family.

MOVIE  |  85 mins  

Director: Martina Plura

Screenplay: Bettina Börgerding
Book template: Alice Pantermüller
Illustrations: Daniela Kohl

Director of Photography:

Monika Plura

Steadicam / Drohne / B-Kam:

Tobias Meik

Art Department: Bertram Strauss
Gaffer: Pit Venn

Costume: Sarah Raible, Minsun Kim
Make-up: Kerstin Baar, Bettina Heyl
Music: Helmut Zerlett, Markus Aust
Sound: Leo Aderhold

Production: Dagstar Film,Favorite Film GmbH
Co-production: Senator Film, ZDF
Distributor: Wild Bunch Germany
Producers: Dagmar Blume-Niehage, Philipp Budweg
Co-Producers: Sonja Ewers, Marc Gabizon


Meggy Marie Hussong,
Yola Streese,
Levi Kazmaier,
Timothy Scanell,
Olivier Mommsen,
Laura Tonke,
Sarah Hostettler,
Cara Vondey,
Laila Ziegler,
Amelia Lammers,
Lovena Borschmann-Ziegler,

Mina Lindenschmidt,
Robert Paul Eitelberg,
Jonas Maurice Spaeth
Rocco Noam Dorbach,
emily janeba,
Katie Fellin,
Lars Rudolph
and much more

Behind the scenes

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