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Problem child

Until June 3rd, 2022 in the ZDF media library

Janina Winter only left her son Luis alone in the hospital for a short time. When she comes back, his bed is empty, nobody on the understaffed ward has noticed.

A first suspicion is directed against Melanie, his nurse. The investigators also do not miss the tensions between Janina and her ex-husband, Luis' father Richard. Until it turns out that the boy had been in contact with an older man by phone. The investigators finally come to the conclusion that Luis' disappearance has something to do with his constant hospital stays.

Lucy is put to the test by her mother and her niece Robin and must ask herself

whether and how she can actually help Robin - and whether the girl wants to be helped at all.

TV SERIES | ZDF | 45 mins | 2021

Director: Martina Plura

Script:  Katja Zimmermann,

Oliver Pankutz

Director of Photography:
Monika Plura

Steadicam: Tobias Meik

Editing: Wiebke Henrich

Production: Odeon Fiction 
Producer: Marcus Mende


Hans Werner Meyer

Mina Amiri - Jasmine Tabatabai

Aleksandar Radenkovic

Josephine Busch

Mina Giselle Rüffer

Ulrike Krumbiegel

Benedict Jenke

Katrin Rover

Soren Wunderlich

Patrick Kalupa

Ulrike Krumbiegel

Hildegard Schroedter

and much more

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