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Out of control

Mi. 02.03.2022 um 20:15 Uhr im ZDF

Nicole Machnik is scared because she publicly accused the Steiners, her daughter's adoptive parents, of child thieves. After an abruptly terminated phone call, there is no trace of her. For Mrs. Scheer, the head of the adoption office, it seems clear that Nicole couldn't cope with the adoption of little Luisa by the Steiners. Or does her left-wing friend Jan Derchow want to use her to put real estate shark Steiner under pressure? Radek and his team eventually find evidence that not everything went right when Luisa was adopted. But are they really on the right track and, above all, can they save Nicole? (Text: ZDF)

TV SERIES | ZDF | 45 mins  

Director: Martina Plura

Screenplay: Nina Vukovic

Director of Photography:

Monika Plura

Steadicam: Tobias Meik

Production: Novafilm  


Hans-Werner Meyer

Jasmin Tabatabai

Aleksandar Radenković

Josephine Busch

Lara Feith

Anja Schneider

Irene Rindje

Thomas Dannemanm

Maximilian Pekrul

and much more

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