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Christina's son Ben is involved in a hit-and-run car accident caused by his girlfriend Juli. Ella is supposed to defend Juli in court, but first she has to discover the secret of the young couple.
After a fire in the Kieper family's house, Ella moves into the hotel. Christina stays with her mother on the houseboat with the children. Although the strictly rational Ella is initially convinced that the loss of her house and surroundings doesn't bother her, it soon becomes apparent that the situation is affecting her more than she thought. When things are going so badly in her boss Kollkamp's office that he has to let her go, her relationship with her on-off lover Jannis is suffering badly and she has the prospect of her old job in Frankfurt am Main, Ella's foundations start to crumble Fischland totter. (ZDF)

The whole film can be viewed in the ZDF media library until March 8th, 2022.  

TV FEATURE |  ZDF  |  90 mins

First broadcast: 25.10.2020  

Director: Holger Haase

Director of Photography: Monika Plura

Screenplay: Simon X Rost

Producer: Stefan Raiser

Production: Dreamtool Entertainment


Annette Freer

Julia Richter

Reiner Rainers

Joseph Heynert

Oscar Bros

Zora Mueller

Lina Wendell

Pure Beautiful

Gisa Flake

Lara Feith

Florian Kleine
and much more




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